About Us
ACTenviro is an environmental management company that specializes in medical waste disposal, hazardous waste handling and waste treatment. ACT has 2,500 clients that range from small businesses to local, state and federal government agencies to well-known, multinational Fortune 100 firms. As one of the top recyclers in the United States, we recycle an average of 87% of our customers' waste shipments.
In 2016, ACT was named one of Silicon Valley's best places to work for the 6th time. In 2015, ACT made the Inc. 5000 list for the 6th year running, came in at #19 on FORTUNE's inaugural list of 100 Best Workplaces For Women, appeared on the Best Places to Work lists for San Diego and Los Angeles, ranked #53 on Waste 360's Waste 100 list of the largest waste and recycling firms in North America and garnered a Business Achievement Award from the Environmental Business Journal.
We can transport a wide variety of hazardous materials - including chemical waste, biological waste, radioactive waste and universal waste - safely from your facility to a Waste-To-Energy plant or other TSDF. ACT owns an extensive fleet of trucks, including box vans, semi-trailers, roll trucks and vacuum tankers. All are in full compliance with Federal and State DOT and EPA regulations.
ACTmedical's Microwave Disinfection System is approved and permitted by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) as an "Approved Alternate Technology" for regulated medical waste. If you choose our waste-to-energy option, 1 ton of your treated waste can power the average American home for over 2 weeks (per U.S. Department of Energy 2014 statistics).

At ACTmedical, we are reshaping the way in which regulated medical waste is disposed of with our innovative Microwave Disinfection System, which combines proven microwave disinfection technology with precise computer controls to deliver a superior waste processing system. We understand that between highly-variable disposal costs, ever-evolving regulatory controls and an increased focus on sustainability, today’s healthcare and life sciences providers face more waste disposal challenges than ever before.

Processed wastes are thoroughly disinfected, rendered unrecognizable via shredding and reduced in volume by approximately 80% (saving valuable landfill space and reducing hauling requirements and costs). While you have many choices for the safe disposal of regulated medical waste, we at ACTmedical believe the breadth of our offerings allows us to tailor the perfect solution for you.



Regulated Medical Wastes
  • Blood and Blood Products
  • Dialysis Waste
  • Animal and Human Tissues, Body Parts and Carcasses
  • Needles, Syringes and other Sharps
  • Research Waste
  • Laboratory Specimens
  • Surgery Waste
  • Pathology and Histology Samples
  • Isolation Waste
  • Cultures, Slides and Well Plates
  • Intravenous Bags, Blood Bags and Associated Tubing
  • Animal Bedding
  • Packaging Materials
  • Gloves and Gowns Associated with Waste Collection
Other Materials

ACTmedical can also provide incineration or other processing options for chemotherapy waste, pharmaceutical and other materials where microwave disinfection is not appropriate.

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